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Excess Sugar a.k.a Fat

There has been a statistical abnormality present over the last several decades.  As the grocery store shelves increase in low fat food options, our national obesity rate has soared!  How is it that a population that has become so inundated with fat free and low fat options, struggles more than before with not just a few extra pounds, but severe obesity? And at epidemic levels among our children?  Well here’s the skinny on our increasing obesity rate:

As our low fat and fat free food markets emerged, the increase in sugar content to those fat reduced products grew.  You  see, fat carries flavor beautifully, naturally. It also provides satiation. It triggers our digestive system to know the feeling of being full.  When you extract the fat, the flavor plummets. But by adding sugar, the flavor is restored.  Unfortunately sugar, doesn’t provide the trigger for natural satiation the body was programmed to recognize. So this is just one piece of the sugar/fat puzzle.

Our bodies only need a certain amount of energy that sugar(glucose) provides. And when the cellular work is done that requires energy from glucose, it has to convert any excess sugar (glucose) to fat for storage.  Our blood can only have a very limited amount of sugar floating around in it at one time. Diabetics know all about this topic.  Sugar can kill us, if present in excess.  So our bodies send messages out to insulin to be release from our pancreas.  Insulin converts any excess glucose (sugar) into fat to be stored in our fatty tissue for a rainy day. (We can only hope we have enough rainy days to use up all the excess sugar storage).

As we can deduce from this very brief explanation, our low fat food selections have more sugar than the naturally occurring food.  We eat more low fat food because we are less satiated (not to mention, seriously addicted to sugar in general…more on that later).  We ingest more sugar than we need. The excess sugar is stored as fat.  And here we have one of today’s serious health epidemics, obesity….

Sugar a.k.a Fat