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“Strength (isn’t always) in Numbers”

On your next shopping trip, take just a few extra minutes to look at ingredient labels on most of the stuff you purchase, and compare it to other of the same items close by.  For example, pick up one of the many sour cream tubs. Read every ingredient on, at least, 5 different brands.  Hopefully you are able to finally note a brand that has only one or two ingredients.  The smallest number of additives found, typically signifies a better product. You are looking for ingredients that are nearest to their original form and aren’t “groupies.”

The food industry has become very skilled in finding ways to extract the “food” from our food by processing the life right out of it. Often, a wide variety of shelf-life sustaining preservatives, color enhancers, flavor alterations, or addictive substances, are added to ensure we not only try the product, but are swooned by it, and then dependent on it.

Become educated about what you are eating. Read those labels!  Find those consumables that don’t need “groupie” ingredients and can stand alone, on their own, nutritionally. Choose the purest option possible.

Whole Food can stand on it’s own!