What we eat every day will heal or harm, nourish or weaken, sustain or deplete our well-being.  There is truth to be rediscovered about properly prepared whole foods.

Here you will be able to “freshly pick” through a wealth of truths that have been lost through the growth and expansion of our industrialized food supply. ┬áThese truths give access to knowledge that can help restore nutritional balance and assist the body’s innate process of healing.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I have been educated in methods that focus on historical aspects of food, the bio-individuality of each person, how to identify and prepare nutrient dense foods, the anatomy and physiology of our body systems, along with a deep understanding of what we can do to restore balance to our body functions through nutritional therapy.

I offer information on this blog to increase our awareness of the truths of healthy living.