Food for Thought

In a very real sense, thinking about our food, pondering it, giving a moment to let our physical senses be affected by our food thoughts, prepares the body for digestion in the best of ways.

When you have experienced your mouth watering while someone is describing a dish, or your are looking through a magazine and see a juicy picture of some wonderfully prepared food, you are experiencing the body engaging in stage one of digestion.  The brain is sending a signal to the salivary glands to release saliva.  The first contact food has with digestive breakdown is in the mouth.  Saliva contains a complex mixture of electrolytes, hormones and enzymes.  Without the enzymes, particularly salivary amylase, the carbohydrates (starches) do not chemically breakdown.  This leaves undigested starches to make their way into the colon.  Candida and general dysbiosis is fed by undigested starches.

I have referenced this topic in a previous post, but I feel the more in depth we can go into each stage of the digestive process, in small bites, gives us more understanding about how and why our body was intended to work the way it does.  With a good understanding of our physiology, we can make sure not to interfere with a wonderfully innate system that can keep us healthy….if we let it!

Food for Thought: …think about your food, smell it, look at it, before it goes in your mouth!


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