Are you READY to eat?

Did you know that your brain is the first organ of digestion?  Not your mouth, tongue, stomach…But your brain!  When you smell food, think about food, feel hunger, you are mentally preparing the digestive process.  The brain responds by starting the chemical process for properly breaking whole food down into smaller particles for absorption.

When you find your mouth watering, that is the brain signaling saliva to release, which contains the first round of enzymes needed to start breaking down food.  Sometimes it may not happen. The reason our mouth may not be READY to eat, could be that we are not mentally preparing ourselves to start the very important process.

We are a busy society, conditioned to grab food on the go, or drive thru a fast food window, eat standing up, or driving. These behaviors are actually very disruptive to digestion. Food isn’t properly broken down, therefore not properly absorbed. Burping, farting, heartburn, indigestion….these are all signs of improperly digested food.  Or rather non-digested food.

The symptoms don’t stop there. You will learn much more about this process on this blog.

Take a break. Sit down.Smell your food. Look at it. Fantasize about how good it will taste. Just give your brain a small minute before you eat to get the juices of digestion flowing.


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