Fat is NOT the enemy

Fat is not the enemy our current dietary ideology has made it out to be. Yes, too much fat, physiologically present in our tissue and organs can pose serious problems, but so can too much water, or too much salt, or too much sugar, etc….

Fat is an essential element in the healthy function of our bodies and minds.  Lipid (fat) layers are what each cell membrane is made of. It provides the flexible strength to the cell membrane.  If we don’t consume good quality dietary fat, the membrane of every cell in our body is compromised.  And compromised cellular structure gives way to real enemies…dysfunction and disease.

Learn more about why fat is important. Don’t be afraid of fat. Be picky about the kind of fat you consume and choose fats that our bodies know what to do with. Those are friendly fats!  And they have been around for thousands of years. Some examples:  Pure, cold pressed nut and seed oils, butter from grass fed cows, pure high quality olive oil, unrefined coconut oil, just to name a few.

Never eat margarine or spreads.  There are chemically created and highly processed. No fake butter out there is good for you. And get rid of your shortening while you’re at it.  Again, highly processed and highly toxic to your body.

Rule of thumb: the further from nature something is through stages of processing to get it on the grocery store shelf, the more of an enemy it is to your body.


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